The Work Tribe

The work tribe operates early morning or in the evening and are perfect classes for any mums or dads on their way to or home from work. We also have a lot of mums join us that get this session in before their partner leaves for work in the morning. They typically run at 5:00am and 5:45am in the morning and 6:30pm at night and this session allows Mums the opportunity to workout on their own without the little ones in tow, giving them some precious ‘me’ time and a chance to push harder alongside other mums. Enjoy being motivated and encouraged to give that ‘little extra’ that will see you reaching levels you never thought possible. Interval training is definitely a favourite here, as is boxing, but email me for an updated class schedule if keen.

COST: $16/week  – 1 session/week.

                $30/week – 2 sessions/week.

                     $35/week – unlimited training!


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