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Fitness Weekend testimonials

Belinda, we just wanted to say another big thank you for your endless effort in planning, organising, running and achieving another incredible weekend away which has, once again, uplifted and empowered so many of us. The positive influence you have can never be downplayed – we can think of countless examples where you have been described perfectly as life changing. You are truly a gift to so many! Shelly, Nic and Suzy, 2020

Belinda, this weekend has been more amazing than anything I could of imagined! My cup is so so so full and I feel ready to take on the world again, thank you! You have a gift and mean a lot to all of us. Thank you for bringing us together, for the sweat, for the laughs and more. Count me in again! You rock! Mia, 2020

Belinda, thank you so sincerely for a truly amazing girls weekend. We have built ourselves up to this , dreaming for many years and yet it absolutely blew us away! I am so proud of our team pushing ourselves to try so many fun things we would never normally get to do. You have thought of everything and more and it was just the nicest most humbling feeling to feel so cared for and looked after. You are a complete gem. All the thanks! Clare, 2020

Belinda, thanks for my second amazing weekend! This will go into my memory bank forever as one of the best spent weekends. You always go above and beyond any expectation! Thanks for challenging us! Kara, 2020

Belinda, you are just amazing! This has been the most fun weekend and you have done so so much for us to have the best time! So grateful for all the extra touches, challenging and awesome activities – would love to do it again next year! Big thanks! Polly, 2020

Belinda, thank you so much for the most brilliant weekend! The effort that you put in is second to none and we always have so much fun. It’s like the best school camp I’ve ever been on (with champagne!). Thanks for spending a weekend away from your family and for all the laughs. Georgie, 2020

Belinda, thanks for another amazing weekend! I’ve had the most amazing time and it was exactly the refresh I needed. You are so thoughtful and enthusiastic and your positive energy is contagious. So thank you and looking forward to next year already. Greer, 2020

Belinda, we had an absolute blast and such an incredible weekend away! The attention to detail, the combination of exciting activities, wonderful company and forced relaxation just makes it the BEST weekend away for us all. We have all appreciated the weekend more than we can ever say and we thank you from the heart for making it all possible. You never fail to surprise us with how amazing you are and how better our lives are because of you. Love from the Caloundra Grp 2 2018

Belinda, we just wanted to say a very big thank you. Thank you for all the thoughtful extras that make our weekends so incredibly amazing. You always, always go above and beyond to make sure we have the most fun, memorable, hassle-free time. We feel so blessed to have you as our ‘coach’ and our friend. Love from the Caloundra Grp 1 2018

Dear Belinda, thank you for all of your tireless effort, forethought and thinking on the spot to make our weekend away one where we truly did dance in the rain. We all have a renewed sense of energy and comraderie. Your attention to detail was spot on and it was a weekend to remember for sure!! With love from Noosa 2018 crew

Dear Belinda, thank you for just being you. If only you knew how much you’ve touched us all individually. It’s too hard to put into words. Your positive, kind spirit shines through in all you do. From the bottom of all our hearts, thank you for an absolutely wonderful and unforgettable weekend. It was filled with fun, laughter and triumph. The happy memories we have all taken away from our weekend is a testament to your hard work and dedication to being the best trainer you can be. You are one in a million! Love from Cabarita Beach Crew 1, 2017

Dear Belinda, a massive thank you from all of us girls you took away to beautiful Peregian Beach. The weekend was superbly organised and packed with so many amazing activities and fun, exhilarating, hilarious, relaxing and scary moments – memories we will treasure. You are an incredible lady and we are so privileged to spend time with you. Love from your Peregian Beach Fitness Weekend Group, 2016.

Belinda, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the tremendous effort, energy and organisation you put in to our Twin Waters Weekend away. I had an absolute ball and loved every second of it; it was just what I needed! You always go above and beyond (and more!) in everything you do, and this was once again no exception! Thank you!! Suzy

Belinda, I just wanted to share my chiropractor’s comments from Tuesday… ‘Whatever you did last weekend, keep doing it!’ I replied with, ‘It might be hard to manage a decathlon every weekend!!’ He replied, ‘not the exercise, the mental health and relaxation’. He said I advanced about 4 chiro sessions in one weekend, from not just the exercise but the friends, fun, relaxation, giggles, competitiveness etc. Thank you so much Belinda and the wonderful group that joined us on the weekend. Belinda you not only helped Beyond Blue to battle depression, you helped 30 young parents also steer a wider journey away from it too. I’ve got tears in my eyes now because I hope you realise what you have achieved for me and everyone else on these escapes. You are amazing and I just wanted to let you know once more. Stacy

Dearest Belinda, we wanted to thank you for organising such a fabulous fitness weekend away for all of us. Your encouragement, support and dedication means so much and our appreciation cannot be measured. Every detail has been perfect!! Steph, Mel, Mary, Claire, Nic, Mel.

Thank you for organising yet another fantastic weekend. You are just so amazing and I appreciate all that you do! Nic

Having done a few of these fitness weekends now, I can truly say that they have only gotten better and better each time, which I’m not sure how, as the first one was great to start off with. Can’t wait for the next one!! Leah.

You do so much but I mostly want to thank you for the motivation. Kim

Thank you so much for everything. We live for this weekend every year. Can’t wait for the next one! Lou

Thank you SO much for all the effort and extra touches you’ve put into this weekend. Claire

Thanks for making me better than I ever think I can be! Leah

What an absolute fantastic weekend. So pleased I joined! Kirsty

Thank you so much for all that you do for us – especially this awesome weekend! Sharni

As always you are the absolute best! Thank you so much for an awesome weekend! Sarah

Thanks so much for another great weekend away. I really appreciate all the effort you put in to make this happen. Mel

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work putting this all together. Unbelievable! Kerry

WOW! Thank you for delivering to us the time of our lives! So much fun and luxury! Julia

Thank you for the most amazing weekend! As always, your attention right down to the little things has made us feel special! You’re amazing! Mary

WOW! What an awesome fitness weekend you do! Love it! Appreciate all the effort! Carol

Thanks Belinda for a wonderful weekend – I’ve loved it! Megan

Once again you have outdone yourself! Thank you so much for an awesome weekend and for everything else you do, week in, week out. Steph

I have loved the weekend! Thank you so much! Megan

Thanks so much for an awesome weekend! Loved it! Sarah

A great weekend away from ‘real life’! Every need catered for, while seeing just what your body can do! Lots of laughter with friends – new and old!

The best part about the Mums-ercise Fitness Weekends is that you improve your fitness, challenge yourself, achieve things you didn’t think possible, and have a blast at the same time!

I cannot recommend a Mums-ercise Weekend away enough! Nothing more enjoyable than a weekend away from the kids, filled with fun exercise activities, all whilst meeting new friends!

Thanks for all your effort and hard work to make our weekend away so fantastic!! Much appreciated! Sa

I had the most amazing weekend away with you all. The activities were enjoyable yet challenging. Belinda your skills and attention to detail when organising a fitness weekend are fantastic. Thank you! Louise

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