Personal Training

Personal Training

Belinda, I know I have said it before and I will say it again, you are the most amazing, inspiring person, friend and trainer. I truly value everything you put in to make every session unique, fun and interesting. Somehow you manage to take into consideration each of our strengths, wants and needs. You go above and beyond in everything that you do. I hope you know how special and appreciated you are. I admire your ability to make each of us feel so fabulous after every session and the comradery we all share definitely stems from you. You set the tone for positivity and encouragement at every session. It is a true talent that you have. Beth, Camp Hill

Belinda, the most sincere and heartfelt thank you to you for being such a wonderful trainer, who has provided me with amazing support, guidance and loads of fun whilst surpassing my goals. Your tireless efforts and constant inspiration as well as your dedication are astounding. I feel incredibly blessed to be trained by you and be a part of the Mums-ercise community. Cass, Camp Hill

Belinda, I would like to thank you for all of your support and encouragement. Your training has been key to me achieving my fitness goals and losing 20kgs (post baby number 2). Your classes were perfectly suited for every step of my fitness journey and your personal care and attention meant I was challenged in a very positive and supportive way. Your Mums and bubs sessions were by far the best I have participated in. I always felt I got a lot out of them and never felt bad if I had to stop to attend to Tilly. I now love your running class, I have never been pushed so hard, yet I look forward to it every week. Your positive, well organised sessions allow me to get the most out of the little time I have away from family and other commitments. Your advice and support have been invaluable. Thanks!!! Mel, Tarragindi.

Making the decision to train with Belinda after becoming a first time Mum, has been the best decision I have made in terms of improving my overall fitness, strength and wellbeing. Belinda creates a supportive, challenging and more importantly, enjoyable environment in which to train. In the 4.5 years I have been training with Belinda I have rarely done the same session twice, the variety is fabulous and you can’t beat training in the great outdoors, in some of the most beautiful locations around Brisbane. I am strong, fit and maintain a healthy weight whilst still enjoying the little pleasures life, all thanks to Belinda. She is truly an amazing, positive person with your wellbeing at the heart of everything she does. You will definitely meet your fitness goals training with Belinda, have a smile on your face and form some wonderful friendships. Exercise is no longer a chore for me!! Nic, Norman Park.

I have been training with Belinda since my first child was about 10 weeks old. She is now at school and I have also since had a second. I have continued to train under Belinda’s guidance throughout this time so have had many changing needs; post pregnancy, pregnancy, injury, with and without children tagging along, and now back to my usual (if not better) fitness. She is dynamic in her approach to each individual’s fitness level and is constantly ‘tweaking’ her training sessions to cater for our individual needs. Belinda is never forceful in her approach; rather it is her encouragement which makes you want to push that little bit harder because you hate the thought of letting her down! Having had 2 kids I would have never thought that my fitness would be what it currently is. I have Belinda to thank for that. In particular for the post-pregnancy care she has given to me. I’ve had quite long lasting pelvic floor issues which have been dramatically reduced by her instruction. She has a great memory for individual issues and just our lives in general. Her service is so personalized. She truly cares about each and every one of us. Leah, Holland Park

Belinda many thanks for your passion and enthusiasm in ALL our sessions this year! You make exercising a pleasure (well….most of the time) and you have been integral in helping me achieve all my goals over the last 3 years. Thank you so much! Mary, Kangaroo Point

Belinda, thank you for all of your hard work, great sessions and helping us exercise with babe in tow! Boxing girls, Carindale

Thanks so much Belinda for your great classes, fabulous babysitting and overall bringing so much positivity and enthusiasm to our mornings! Greer and Sarah

What would we do without you! Thank you so much for keeping us fit and looking after our kids! Georgie and Lucy

Belinda we think you are amazing and appreciate all the effort you go to each and every session. Thank you! Polly and Rosie

Thank you so much Belinda for your awesome classes. They are second to none and so are you! Gemma and Layla

Thanks for the fantastic workouts! They make my week! Louisa and Sam

Thank you for always going ABOVE and BEYOND in every class! We love it! Kara, Lynne and Max

Thank you Belinda for being such an important part of my “get fit” campaign after having the kids. I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, motivation, inspiration and support you have given. You always give more than 100% effort and are always so bright and cheery that it would be hard to not give my all in return. Exercising just seems much more fun thanks to you! You always make it such a good experience for both myself and my little ones. Bring on the Gold Coast half marathon!!!
 Nicole, Coorparoo

I have only good things to say about my fitness training with Belinda. It’s not only the fact that she puts so much into each session, or that exercise programs are varied thus maintaining the quality of originality, or even that the sessions are tailored to suit individual needs. It’s not even just that I can see and feel myself changing and that my confidence in my ability to achieve the level of fitness I want has soared. And there’s more to it even than Belinda being such a motivating and inspiring person who obviously practices what she preaches. Belinda has these qualities but that’s not all….. on top of all of this, she knows exactly what women like me want….
Belinda makes exercise fun!!
 Thank you Belinda. 
Caroline, Brisbane

Dear Belinda, Congratulations – your words at Sports Awards night were perfect. For the first time in many years I heard a passionate and relevant story. You have inspired many of the staff and students with your DREAM. To the point, relevant and interesting. We look forward to having many more interactions with you. Well done! 
Cath Macmillan, 
Principal, Noosa District State High School

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